Stacey Dash Joins Fox News As Paid Contributor

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Stacey Dash of Clueless fame is joining Fox News as a paid contributor and the Twitter backlash has been both harsh and swift.

The 47-year-old actress, best known for her role as Dionne in Clueless, will offer “cultural analysis and commentary” on daytime and prime-time shows, according to an article by the Los Angeles Times.

“Stacey is an engaging conversationalist whose distinctive viewpoints amongst her Hollywood peers have spawned national debates," said Bill Shine, the network's exec VP of programming.

Dash publicly endorsed Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Election and has been on Fox News before, with appearances on “Outnumbered” and “Fox & Friends.” Since her endorsement of Romney, she has publicly expressed support for stay-at-home moms and veterans.

Dash told Elle magazine, “Feminism is being able to have the choice. The choice to be a CEO, to be an executive, to be a journalist, to be a congresswoman, to be a mother, a stay-at-home mother, to be a wife.”

“Stay-at-home mothers are building our future,” she adds. “And I feel like if we had more of them, our society would not be in such a decline.”

The Twitter backlash has been quick since the news broke. Users have called her a “turncoat,” said she has proven herself “mentally ill,” and remarked that Dash would “join the KKK if the check cleared.”

This is not the first time her political views have sparked a range of personal Twitter attacks. When she endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012 instead of President Barack Obama, a “flood of personal criticism” came her way, according to the LA Times article.

In that instance, she spoke with Piers Morgan, saying, “I'm ... saddened and shocked, really shocked. Really shocked. But you can't expect everyone to agree with you.”

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