Squirrel $300,000 Damage A Shocking Experience


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One moment of silence for a cute little critter that went out with a bang and a second one for whoever is going to have to foot the bill for the damage it caused.

The new McMillen Community Center in Fort Wayne, Ind. was set to open on June 7th. Formerly known as the McMillen Ice Arena, the building was closed down in 2009 with plans for major renovations.

It was a nearly five year project that was finally approaching the home stretch in terms of completion.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, a little squirrel managed to get into the building's electrical system on April 1st. He clawed and or chewed where he should not have and managed to fry the three new HVAC systems. The electrical surge also partially damaged the boiler system.

The little squirrel? Let's just say it's off gathering nuts in the afterlife.

Parks Director Al Moll stated that the majority of the damage that was caused is covered by insurance, minus a $50,000 deductible.

The incident was an unexpected blow to the renovation schedule, but Parks employee Steve McDaniel said that they are going to do their best to stick to the timetable. The company that originally installed the HVAC systems is hurrying to replace the fried ones so that the project can be completed on time.

About $1.9 million dollars initially went into the process of replacing the ice rink with a basketball court, an indoor track, a space for indoor soccer, and other facilities. Total costs are expected to exceed $4.5 million.

It's meant to be a gathering place of persons of all ages and the locals are pretty excited about the new center.

Alcoholic beverages will be available on the premises, but only for private functions and served by a licensed bartender.

Perhaps someone will raise a glass for that poor little squirrel who just couldn't wait to see the finished project.

Image via Wikimedia Commons