Sprint Ad Skewers AT&T and Verizon Shared Plans

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When Verizon and AT&T switched their subscriptions to shared data plans, many customers were upset. The new plans offer a small "shared" pool of data that a variety of devices can use. Of course, subscribers have to pay a monthly fee for each device they want the privilege of using with the plan, making the shared plans more expensive for those who don't have lots of devices.

The Verizon plans even ended the grandfathered unlimited plans many subscribers had had for years. A Verizon spokesperson was awkwardly unable to explain how the new plans would help save customers money, as many of the company's statements about the plans suggested.

The plans are a clear example of the two largest wireless carriers in the U.S. raising the prices of their data access. It would be pretty evil if those companies had a monopoly on the wireless industry, but, luckily, they don't. Sprint announced earlier this year that it would offer truly unlimited 4G data plans, and the company has followed through. It is the only company that currently offers such a plan, although T-Mobile has recently announced one as well.

Now Sprint is doubling-down on its unique unlimited plans, creating an ad campaign to show just how silly the claims about the shared data plans are. In a new TV spot, Sprint features a family arguing about how their small pool of data should be divided up:

Clearly the smaller players in the U.S. wireless market see an opportunity to use AT&T and Verizon's new, more expensive plans against them. And it just might work, if Sprint and T-Mobile can roll out their 4G LTE networks in a competitive time frame. Sprint announced just this week that its 4G LTE network is now available in four more markets across the U.S.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)

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