Spotify Partners with Coca-Cola; iPad App on the Way!


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Spotify held a special announcement event today and many fans of the streaming music service were speculating that it had to do with the much anticipated tablet version of the service for iPad. Sadly for many, this was not the purpose of the meeting, but it didn't stop founder Daniel Ek from confirming that the app is indeed "in the works".

The good news about the Coca-Cola/Spotify partnership is that it will allow users of the streaming music service to share and discover music all over the world like never before.
Under the new agreement, Spotify will provide technology for Coca-Cola Music globally, and support the Coke in their mission to provide consumers with universal access to music. In return, the soft drink super giant will integrate Spotify into all of its Facebook and Timeline media, creating a seamless and refreshing social music experience.

Obviously it's a mutually beneficial relationship as Spotify gains access to huge new markets through the Coke brand, and Coca-Cola gains product placement opportunities through Spotify's ever increasing and enthusiastic user-base.

Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO, Spotify comments on the powerful new partnership:

“Coca-Cola is the most recognized and respected brand in the world and we are proud to be their music partner,”

“Spotify and Coca-Cola both believe that music, technology and creativity can connect people around the globe.”

Joe Belliotti, Director of Global Entertainment Marketing at the Coca-Cola Company also comments on the new partnership:

“At Coca-Cola we have long recognized the power of music to connect people around the world,"

“As we step up our activation through Coca-Cola Music, we are excited by the innovative music technology platform created by Spotify and the opportunity to create a truly global music network. The potential for this partnership is limitless.”

Take a look at this video on the Coca-Cola and Spotify Hackden event to learn more about what the partnership has in store for users: