Spotify Launches History of Music Timeline

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On the heels of Facebook's new Timeline for fan pages feature, Spotify has launched its own 'History of Music' Timeline. The new Timeline dates back to 1000 AD, and facilitates a fan page destination where users can discover, listen to and share the history of music.

Music fans will be able to learn what year Elvis was born, or when Sinatra released his first record. Users can also sample and relive musical eras, and remind themselves of when Nirvana's "Nevermind" was put out. And Spotify will be adding a huge amount of historical music data in the coming weeks, as well as keeping users up to date regarding the latest musical trends. Spotify will also encourage users to relate their own seminal music histories, which will also aid in the evolution of the 'History of Music' Timeline.

Dave Altarescu, US Marketing Director for Spotify, has stated, “It’s impossible to even begin to capture every important moment in music, but the new Facebook Timeline has enabled us to at least start out on this musical journey and discover some incredible facts we never knew. We hope music fans will dive in and enjoy these amazing milestones as well as contribute to keep our Spotify Timeline evolving.”

As of late, Spotify has been in the news over royalty disputes with the RIAA. It had been mentioned that Spotify could possibly go by the way of Limewire if an agreement isn't eventually reached.

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