Spotify Launches App for iPad

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Music streaming service Spotify has just launched a long-awaited app for iPad for use by Premium service members, though trial subscribers can test it out as well. Premium Spotify users pay a monthly fee, and the content is streamed directly from Spotify's servers, as with the iPhone version of the app. This practice hints at the possible future direction of the company's content platform, moving away from the P2P sharing model currently running on desktop versions.

So, trial users can test out the new app for 48 hours, which can be extended to 30 days after filling out some forms on iTunes, allowing subscribers to:

- Access millions of tracks
- Stream online
- Listen offline – no mobile connection needed
- Share music with your friends
- Star your favorite tracks
- Wirelessly sync your own MP3s to your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
- Create and sync playlists
- Send the tracks you listen to direct to & Facebook

Below is a clip that shows off the iPad app a bit:

Spotify has released a multitude of apps of late, including Digster and Play it Again Sam, though like with the iPhone version if the new app, the iPad version won't work with every other app the platform offers. On a related note, a friend was recently mixing audio for a live, 5-piece musical performance at the downtown library, using an iPad as the sole controller - it would seem like the new Spotify app would be a good way to push a signal to a larger home entertainment center. No word on why the app took so long to make it to iPad, though the launch will likely eclipse the buzz surrounding Spotify's partnership with Coke.