Spotify Is 'For Music' in New Ad Campaign

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"We are Spotify, and we are for music."

That's the tagline of a new ad campaign for Spotify, the first major ad campaign from the music streaming service in the U.S.

The campaign is the work of NYC-based Droga5, and it will feature TV, digital, and social media spots. This is the first of the three new ads, called "For Music." It'll debut on Monday night during The Voice on NBC.

Spotify says that is shows viewers "the journey of one individual being carried on a sea of people, speaking to the emotions that music inspires in each of us: the way music sets you free and unites us all." It also features a nice "I am the Walrus" reference. Check it out:

Here are the other two ads, "Her Song" and "Getting Weird."

Spotify is rolling out their new ad campaign as rumors surfaced that the company is planning on getting into the business of original video content.

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