Spotify Has 15 Million Active Users, 4 Million Of Which Pay For It

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If you actively use Spotify for your streaming music needs, you're one of a growing number.

According to Spotify's CCO Ken Parks, who recently spoke at London's Global Business Summit on Creative Content, the service currently boasts 15 million active users.

Of those 15 million users, 4 million (a little over one-quarter) have a paid subscription.

It's been just over one year since Spotify launched in the United States, after gaining quite a bit of popularity in Europe. That, coupled with later launches in countries like Germany surely contributed to the company's growth. Spotify announced just over 10 million active users back in January, with 3 million paid.

Another thing that has helped Spotify become a household name is its deep integration with Facebook. Back when that was first unveiled in 2011, it boosted Spotify signups by 250,000 users a day for awhile. That integration continues to get deeper, as Facebook continues to add features that make it easy to share and discover music using Open Graph apps (particularly Spotify).

When U.S. Spotify officially turned one last week, the company released other interesting stats. In that first year, U.S. users listened to over 13 billion songs and shared over 27.8 million of them with friends. They also announced that users had spent 2,700 years discovering playlists, lyrics, reviews, and more using the many free Spotify apps.

Earlier today, Spotify made another move to boost its user base by finally launching free radio for Android devices. Spotify free radio is a Pandora-like feature that allows users to build stations based on songs and artists - as well as save songs they like for later playback.

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