Spider-Man Pre-Order Allows Playable, Super-Powered Stan Lee

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Activision and Marvel today revealed two pre-order exclusives for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man video game and one of them is - odd. Players who pre-order the game from Amazon will be able to play as Spider-Man creator Stan Lee. As seen above, Lee will use abilities similar to Spider-Man's while collecting the pages of his latest script from around the city. After this Stan Lee mini-game is completed, Activision promises a special surprise related to this year's 50th anniversary of Spider-Man.

Players who instead opt to pre-order the game from GameStop will, instead of Stan Lee, receive "The Rhino Challenge" content, featuring Spider-Man supervillain Rhino. The Rhino mini-game will feature a timed event in which the villain races to break things using combo streaks.

Both of these pre-order deals will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of The Amazing Spider Man. No exclusive pre-order deals have been announced for Nintendo's Wii, 3DS, or DS systems.

I disapprove strongly of vendor-exclusive pre-order content and content that is included on purchased game discs being sold to or locked to certain players. Still, the thought of playing a Spider-Man game as an elderly man, swinging past skyscrapers while shouting "excelsior!" makes me laugh and sounds incredibly fun. For a few minutes, at least. What do you think? Are either of these exclusives enough for you to choose one retailer over another? Are exclusive pre-orders unfair to players? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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