Spanish Lawsuit Joins Stack Against Google


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Google's collection of sensitive WiFi data sent over personal networks will cause the company problems for a long time if a group with a long name has its way.  The Association for the Prevention and Investigation of Crime, Abuse and Malpractice in Information Technology and Advanced Communications has filed a lawsuit in Spain.

GoogleLester Haines reported that the organization (which can be called APEDANICA for short if you start with the Spanish version of its handle) "has filed suit in the Police Court of Madrid against the legal representative of Google Spain."

Then here's the especially noteworthy part: APEDANICA "suggests the company has breached Article 197 of the Penal Code, which provides for between one and fours years' jail for anyone who 'intercepts telecommunications, or uses listening, transmission, recording or reproduction devices on any other communication signal.'"

Things keep looking worse and worse for Google (at least on this one topic).  Even if the company keeps its execs out of jail and avoids getting hit with any major fines, it's hard to imagine that the Street View cars will be as warmly welcomed everywhere they go in the future.  They might even be physically blocked from entering areas more often.

We'll be sure to keep you updated, of course.