South Korea Ferry Disaster: Over One Hundred Dead


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It has been nearly one week since the Sewol sank into waters off the southern coast of South Korea.

In recent days, the death toll has risen sharply. Over a hundred bodies have been recovered thus far with many more expected to be located as search efforts continue.

A wall of Korean policemen acted as a cordon as bodies were carefully laid inside of a tent. At this time only close family members will be made aware of who the deceased are as the identification process continues.

It has only just begun to dawn on horrified Koreans that the rescue mission is quickly returning into a recovery mission.

Since divers found a way into the submerged vessel over the weekend, the death toll has only continued to rise. No survivors have been located yet.

Even as an increasing number family members are being called forward to identify the remains of loved ones, It is still hoped against hope that somehow living survivors will be found.

Some family members have even written desperate pleas to the Korean government to provide greater aid in the recovery process.

In the aftermath of the sinking of the Sewol ferry, Captain Lee Joon-seok has been arrested along with two of the ship’s crew members.

Four other crew members have been detained by authorities, but no other arrests have been made at this time.

Lee and the other arrested crew members stand accused of negligence and abandoning people in need. Despite captaining the ferry, Lee was reportedly one of the first persons to reach safety. He left behind hundreds of people who were unable to escape the ferry before it sank.

Lee continues to maintain his innocence in the matter, saying he did everything he could prior to the disaster.

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