South Dakota Wants to Make Sure You Don't Jerk and Drive

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Either nobody at the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety is paying attention, or everybody there is really, really great. Simply top notch.

This winter, if you feel your automobile begin to lose its grip on the road during icy conditions, the state of South Dakota wants to make sure you don't jerk it.

Jerking isn't a joke, they say. Agreed. Traffic accidents kill – and they are especially prevalent in the winter months. But ...

South Dakota wants you to resist the urge to jerk.

"Winter driving can be treacherous for new and experienced drivers alike. Drive proper and you can avoid a common mistake: jerking the wheel when your tire leaves a snowy or icy road. If you feel your tire leave the road, remember these three simple steps: stay the course, let off the gas and reenter traffic once it’s safe. That’s proper driving."

There's a video, which warns people that "nobody likes a jerker".

And there's a website and a hashtag campaign as well (#DontJerkAndDrive). The aforementioned website contains such gems as Don't Jerk. Think and What are you doing to stop people from jerking?

To address the either/or in the lede, I'm going to go with option two. This is an attention grabber, and there's no way that everyone inside that department could've looked at this without a chuckle.

I don't even live in South Dakota, but you better believe that I'm going to be thinking about this campaign when it snows this winter. Mission accomplished.

Image via South Dakota Office of Highway Safety, via reddit

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