South Carolina Murder-Suicide Stuns Community

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Greenwood County, South Carolina is grieving for the loss of six lives today after police responded to a domestic disturbance call on Tuesday and found four adults and two children shot dead.

Sheriff Tony Davis, who described the scene as "horrific", said officers were responding to a call from a person who said they were going to hurt themselves. A second call from neighbors--who said two children from the home had run to their house in fear--claimed shots had been fired. When police arrived and got no response from inside the home, a SWAT team was called in.

Inside, they found the victims; among the deceased was 27-year-old Bryan Sweatt, the suspected shooter. It is believed he was dating someone who lived at the residence, but nothing has been confirmed, and no motive has been given.

"We don't know what the scenario is yet. That's something we're trying to piece together," Davis said. "I've asked (deputies) to go back and listen to the call-in, and let's see what was said there. But honestly, at this particular point, I don't know a whole lot more."

Family friend Bernard Rush said the children who were released by the shooter are with family members.

"This is just an experience you don’t believe," said Rush. "For all the family members to be gone at one time. And that somebody could do this to somebody else.”

The victims are reported to be Richard Allen Fields, 51; Melissa Maroney Fields, 49; Chandra Marie Fields, 26; Tariq Kenyon Robinson, 11; and William Asa Robinson, 9.

Amanda Crum
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