South by Southwest Evolution Through The Ages


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If you're like a lot people you're probably wondering how the South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival got to be such a big deal and who attends the event. The following infographic from Rocksauce answers that exact questions and gives us some fun facts about what goes on there as well.

Before we get into the infographic I'll give you a brief summary of the typical demographic which attends SXSW. A majority of SXSW attendees are between the ages of 21 and 50 and make over $85,000 per year. In fact, if you make under $55,000 per year there's a slim chance you'll be attending. Successful startups that have launched from the SXSW festival include Twitter and Foursquare. Most interactive registrants came from the West, Southwest, and Northeast.

Here's the facts according to Rocksauce:

There you have it, it was planned small, turned out huge and has just kept getting bigger ever since. Sounds like Woodstock. Hopefully you are lucky enough to attend. I wonder what the future will bring for the festival?