Sophia Loren Stills Stuns at 81, Walks Red Carpet at NYC's National Arts Awards

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Sophia Loren is still positively stunning at the age of 81. The actress was glamorous as she walked the red carpet on Monday evening at the National Arts Awards in New York City.

Reminding all that timeless Hollywood style will never go out of fashion, Sophia Loren dazzled in a black long-sleeved gown that featured both beading and less. Diamonds sparkled on her ears and her neck with perfectly accessorized pieces of jewelry.

In honor of her 81st birthday, Sophia Loren proved she's still got it--even in the makeup world. Partnering with Dolce & Gabbana, she has created a limited edition shade of lush lipstick to celebrate. The shade is a soft red, and Dolce & Gabbana calls it "Sophia Loren No. 1." The actress was known for her love of lipstick and for always wearing a bold red shade of lipstick.

Since she's still "got it," Sophia Loren is happy to proffer beauty advice to women of all ages and from all walks of life.

“You must always, from somewhere at the bottom of your heart, firmly believe that your beauty is unique, special, and like nobody else’s. Never forget this, and learn to cultivate this conviction,” she said in a recent interview with People magazine. “[Secondly] even if you do not have much time for elaborate make up, wear a lipstick and your face will instantly become brighter.”

Women everywhere no doubt hope they'll be half as attractive as Sophia Loren when they turn 81. Of course the actress has access to anything she could ever want to preserve that beauty, but still appears natural, having allowed herself to age gracefully.

Kimberly Ripley
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