Sophia Bush's Snake Ear Cuff And Other Celebrity Trends

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Celebs are great at starting and following trends and when you see your favorite star wearing a certain outfit or piece of jewelry, you probably feel like you just can't live without it either.

Some celebrity trends can be costly and just aren't in the budget for most people. If you can't afford the actual outfit or accessory, there are plenty of affordable options that can give you the same look at a cheaper price.

Sophia Bush recently turned heads with a bejeweled snake ear cuff that she wore to the National Dance Institute Gala on Monday, April 28, in New York City.

The exquisite earring was bold and definitely demanded attention. With 18 carats of green tsavorites (for scales) and 1 carat of pink tourmalines (for eyes) the 18-carat gold ear cuff is valued at $30,900.

You can copy the look for a fraction of the cost with a sterling silver version available at for only $39.99 or a gold a black version available at for only $15. Numerous other online stores offer similar versions of the snake ear cuff at affordable prices.

Kate Middleton rocked some great looks during her Australian tour. One of the most popular was her love circle necklace. While you may not be able to afford the exact same piece as the duchess, you can get the look for under $200.

It can be hard to look and feel stylish while pregnant, but Olivia Wilde seems to be able to do it pretty easily. She was recently spotted in a pair of maternity jeans that every pregnant woman wants to own. You can get the exact same jeans online at for less than $100. You might even find that your baby bump isn't the first thing that gets noticed when you are wearing them.

Emma Stone's casual spring look has gotten rave reviews and everyone wants to know how to get the same look. You can spend several hundreds of dollars on one of the designer pieces or get the same look for a more affordable price by shopping online at your favorite clothing stores.

If you want to match the look of your favorite celebrity, don't let your budget stop you. You can find the same or similar pieces online at a much more affordable price.

Which celebrity do you think is the most stylish?

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