Sony Tablet Ad Is Beautiful, Mysterious

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Sony is gearing up for the release of their upcoming tablets, the S1 and S2. According to a private note acquired by Engadget, it looks like the S1 will most likely be available for pre-order in August and release sometime near the end of September.

The S1 (codenamed) has a 9.4 inch screen and has a sort of wedge shape, according to initial hands-on reports. According to Sony, the inspiration for the slightly thicker end came from the way people hold magazines in one hand. Of course, you fold the magazine around on itself creating one thicker side, and it makes it easier to hold. Sounds good to me.

The S2 will have a clamshell design and feature two 5.5 inch displays. They can be used to display the same image or work independently of one another for multitasking purposes.

Both tablets will reportedly be integrated with PlayStation functionality, as you might expect. The PlayStation controls will appear on the touchscreen, which might annoy some users who like the feel of the controls. But hey, you can't have a joystick sprouting out of a tablet, right? Both will also run on Android OS.

Sony has just released an ad on YouTube for the tablets called "Two Will." They say that it is the first installment in a five-part series. "Look out for the coming episodes" they say. The ad itself is purposefully vague but it is beautiful and intriguing. Check it out below:

What do you think? YouTubers' opinions range from "Coolest f*cking promo ever made" to "I hope the train is a little faster in the next episode." Many say that it rips off a famous ad from 2003 called "The Cog" by Honda. True, they both feature Rube-Goldberg devices, but I wouldn't call it a rip off. "The Cog" seriously is an amazing commercial, however.

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