Sony Shows Off Playstation Move "Virtual Reality"

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When Plastic Studios, the developers, along with Sony's Santa Monica Studio, behind the upcoming PlayStation Network title Datura, was asked by Sony to use Sony's HMZ-T1 3-D projector headset to make their game more immersive, they took it as a challenge. The company not only used an extra PlayStation Move controller to provide line-of-sight camera movement, they created an entire set-up that looks like something out of a gamer's dream.

In the description to the video, Plastic describes why they set up such an elaborate tech demo:

Just a couple of weeks before GDC 2012 we were asked by Sony to try to write a simple head tracking functionality with the use of Playstation Move motion controller for our PSN title Datura. They said that the virtual hand looks magical in their HMZ-T1 personal projector and we should try to improve the immersion even more so everyone could get a glimpse of what future gaming would look like. Thanks to our friends from Platige Image we were able to prepare even more immersive setup...

The only problem is, the person playing the game can't see the massive screen in front of him. The experience, for him, would be the same if he were standing in his own living room, so it's clear this is mostly a publicity stunt. Still, the demo shows just how far technology has come that the terrible "virtual reality" that was touted in the 90's finally looks immersive and impressive. The helmet the man is wearing simulates a 150-inch 3-D screen from 12 feet away.

Datura is being billed as a mystery game, which is rather unique in today's gaming climate. Players control, using a PlayStation Move controller, a disembodied hand with which they can explore every aspect of Datura's environment. The trailer, which you can see below, reminds me of older games such as Myst. Whatever Datura turn out being, it is nice to see game developers playing around with new ideas and technology. Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about Datura or the future of "virtual reality."

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