Sony Mobile Announces 1,000 Layoffs


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The late summer layoffs just keep coming. Sure, it was expected that RIM would be laying off many employees, but who saw the gutting of Motorola Mobility coming? Game companies have had it even worse than device manufacturers, though. PopCap apologetically announced layoffs earlier this week, and OnLive's recent debacle is something to behold.

Sony Mobile, Sony's mobile phone division, today announced that it will lay off 1000 employees, including consultants. This rounds to about 15% of Sony Mobile's global workforce. The layoffs will happen over the course of the next two fiscal years, so it won't happen all at once.

The layoffs are part of a plan to alter the global operational structure of Sony Mobile, including its sties in Tokyo, Lund, and Beijing. Starting in October, the Sony Mobile headquarters in Lund, Sweden will be moved to Tokyo, Japan. The company stated that it is streamlining its supply chain management and trying to integrate better with Sony as a whole.

“Sony has identified the mobile business as one of its core businesses and the Xperia smartphone portfolio continues to gain momentum with customers and consumers worldwide,” said Kunimasa Suzuki, president and CEO of Sony Mobile. “We are accelerating the integration and convergence with the wider Sony group to continue enhancing our offerings, and a more focused and efficient operational structure will help to reduce Sony Mobile’s costs, enhance time to market efficiency and bring the business back to a place of strength.”