Sony Might Not Attend Gamescom This Year


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E3 has become the pinnacle of new and exciting video game events, but it is not the biggest. That title goes to Gamescom which takes place in Cologne Germany. Nintendo already decided that they were not going to the world's largest consumer gaming event. and now it looks as though Sony might not be going either!

In a conversation with Games Industry Germany, SCE's German communications director Guido Alt said that a decision is yet to be reached on whether or not Sony will have a presence at the show. "We have to judge if it makes sense to exhibit at gamescom every year," said Alt. "We are still negotiating with Koelnmesse. What I can say is that we did not sign a contract so far."

Not having both Sony and Nintendo at the event could be a deathblow to the conference. Sony has 2 major events to attend every year that are about 6 months apart from each other and those are E3 and the Tokyo Game Show. They tend to announce most of their juicy tidbits at those 2 conferences. Add to thhis the fact that next years E3 will be one of the biggest events in video game history with both Sony and Microsoft expected to reveal their new consoles.