Sony Announces Sports Pack Vol. 1, Bundles MLB 14 The Show And NBA 2K14


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Do fans of both basketball and baseball exist? I certainly haven't seen them. Well, Sony apparently thinks fans of both sports exist and will be releasing a new bundle to capitalize on this subset of the population.

Sony announced this morning that it has partnered with 2K Sports to bundle its own MLB 14 The Show with 2K's NBA 2K14. The bundle is called Sports Pack Vol. 1 and will retail for $89.99 when it launches on April 1.

Besides the usual bundle discount, is there any reason to buy the bundle instead of buying both games separately? For once, there actually is. Sony will be throwing in $10 worth of in-game currency for both games into the mix. In other words, MLB 2K14 players will start off 6,000 STUBS and NBA 2K14 players will get 20,000 virtual currency.

Unfortunately, Sports Pack Vol. 1 is only available on the PS3. In the comments, sports gamers are already calling on Sony to release a PS4 version alongside MLB 14 The Show's release in May, but that's unlikely.

As you grumble and contemplate writing an angry email to Sony marketing, check out this trailer for the bundle:

Now maybe Microsoft can put together an NBA 2K14 and RBI Baseball 14 bundle for Xbox 360 gamers.

Image via PlayStation/YouTube