SonicWall Locks Up Your Mobile Workforce

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SonicWall, Inc. has released Mobile Connect Client app for Google Android tablets and smartphones. It provides top-notch network-level access to academic, corporate, and government resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections. Once it is installed on your device, users gain access to a variety of SonicWall products.

The purpose for these products is simple. While mobile devices may allow organization's employees to stay connected and productive in an increasingly flexible way, they can represent a security risk when operating in uncontrolled networks. SonicWall fights against information breaches and leaking of private sensitive data. The best thing about the new Mobile Connect is that it is available for free.

Patrick Sweeney, vice president of product management and corporate marketing at SonicWALL comments on the product:

"Android tablets and smartphones are commonplace tools for today's mobile workforce. Companies must have tools to manage security for those devices both inside and outside the corporate network,"

"With Mobile Connect, enterprise, educational and government institutions can maintain stringent security standards while their employees travel outside of the protected perimeter, thus enabling greater workforce productivity."

Here's some technical jargon about how Mobile Connect secures your devices:

"A key feature of the Mobile Connect app is End Point Controlâ„¢ (EPC), available only on the SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA Series. For Android-based smartphones and tablets running Mobile Connect, EPC identifies specific device attributes and enforces they are met before allowing the device to connect to the network. EPC can also determine if an Android device has been jailbroken, thereby removing Android's built-in security enforcement, so that connections from compromised devices may be rejected or quarantined."

This may be the solution your organization has been looking for. The price is right so it's well worth checking out. Thanks SonicWall.

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