Sonic Lost World Continues To Impress In Latest Gameplay Trailer


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In today's latest Nintendo DIrect for North America, we were treated to a short look at Sonic Lost World. Unfortunately, we weren't shown any new footage of the upcoming title. Thankfully, Nintendo UK was more than happy enough to show off an all new trailer during its Nintendo Direct today.

In the new Sonic Lost World trailer, we're treated to 3 minutes of all new gameplay footage from almost every stage in the game. You'll have to put up with an annoying narrator, but the new gameplay footage is definitely worth it.

Sonic Lost World launches on October 29 in North America for Wii U and 3DS. If you preorder the Wii U version from either GameStop or Amazon, you'll be automatically upgraded to the Deadly Six Edition of the game that includes new levels inspired by NiGHTS into Dreams. As for retailer exclusive bonuses, GameStop gets an Omochao robot and Amazon gets 25 extra lives.

[Image: NintendoUKofficial/YouTube]