Someone Is Going to Pay Millions to Get Coffee with Tim Cook

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Unless the bidding cools down fast, someone is going to pay millions of dollars for a half-an-hour coffee date with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

We first told you about the charity auction earlier this week. Tim Cook is auctioning off a coffee date at Apple HQ in Cupertino for one lucky bidder and a friend. All of the money will benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

When we first told you about it on Wednesday, the current bid was $36,999. Charitybuzz, the site that's hosting the auction, put an estimated price of $50,000 on the prize. At that point, with 20 days left to go on the bidding, we assumed that it would eventually hit that $50,000 mark.

But this is just bananas. As of the writing of this article, the top bid sits at $580,000. And there's still 18 days left to go in the auction. The top bid was just over $300,000 this morning. Unless something happens and the bidding just dies, it looks like someone is seriously going to pay millions of dollars for a 30-minute to an hour meeting with Cook.

Just think about it this way: Back in 2011, the top bid for such a prize on Charitybuzz went for face time with former President Bill Clinton. In the end, the top bid was $255,000.

As the bidding goes higher, it's likely that a companies will be the ones battling it out. Back when the bidding was lower, say a few thousand dollars, individuals were in the mix. Now, the last dozen or so bids have been dominated by companies. For instance, is the current highest bid holder.

We'll keep our eye on this, but we fully expect the total to be absolutely insane by the time May 14th rolls around.

Josh Wolford
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