Some Twitter Users Don’t See Ads

Some Twitter users see fewer ads than most of us. Some don’t even see any at all. This has been going on for months.

That is according to Peter Kafka at Re/code, who spoke with sources at Twitter. He writes that the company has been showing no ads or less ads to some of its most valuable users, which are those with significant volume and reach.

“I have about 70,000 followers, and I appear to be in the no-ad group,” Kafka says. “So does my boss, Kara Swisher, who has more than a million followers.”

This could be a turn off for some advertisers, especially considering that Twitter has a new ad format that specifically looks to get the audience engaged and tweet out brand messages. One would think that such ads would be all the more powerful when a participating audience member had their own significant following.

Kafka says Twitter wouldn’t entertain the discussion of a potential subscription-based, ad-free version of Twitter, with the company simply saying that it is “constantly looking at constraints and adjustments” when it comes to how it shows ads.

The report doesn’t say whether Twitter has been showing more ads to non-VIP users. Glancing at my timeline, I do feel like there are more there than I used to see, but I can’t say anything definitely about any volume increase.

Images via Twitter