Soleil Moon Frye In Denial About Third Baby's Gender

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Soleil Moon Frye took on a job as guest host on "The View" on Wednesday and ended up revealing a big secret in the process; the sex of her baby.

Frye, who has two girls with husband Jason Goldberg, announced she was expecting her third child back in August when she made an appearance on "Today".

"Two girls and now a new baby to join the family. Poet and Jagger are so excited," she said. "Obviously I wanted to share it here first. I'm so excited I can actually touch my belly now! I've been hiding it for so long!"

Frye decided to take the opportunity to announce her baby's sex on the show by giving Jenny McCarthy a box containing a little pair of shoes; when McCarthy opened up the box, the color blue popped out.

"I think we know...the doctor says that this is the sex, so I have my baby's sex in a box. So this is how we find out," Frye said. "I'm in a little bit of denial. I was so shocked because I always thought that if you have two of one sex, the statistics are that you'll have a third of the same sex. So I just thought we'd have three girls. And my girls still don’t completely believe it and they're like, if it's a boy we're dressing him up!"

Image: ABC/The View

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