Solar Panel Demographic: Who Are They? [Infographic]

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Many people consider going solar to help offset the cost of electricity in their homes, but very few ever go out and buy the solar panels required to harness the suns rays. It's a rare personality who takes the plunge, so I thought it would be worth taking a look at.

This handy little infographic from One Block Off The Grid provides us with a comprehensive look at who solar panel users are and what motivates them to take advantage of this wonderful renewable power source. Many of the statistics are surprising.

For instance, many of the users aren't the green revolution hippies we would think they'd be. Almost three quarters said they wouldn't pursue solar energy if it wasn't for the economic benefits. In fact, most of them aren't what we would consider wealthy by any means. A majority of them fell in the seventy-five to one hundred thousand dollar a year range.

So if you're considering going solar, or you sell solar energy products for a living, you should dig into this graphic. It can really open your eyes to who these consumers are and what drives them to make the jump to green energy. Enjoy!