Solange Knowles Engaged to Alan Ferguson

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Solange Knowles is in the news again, and this time it isn’t for attempting to beat up her brother-in-law Jay Z.

The singer and sister of Beyonce has become engaged to her boyfriend of five years, video music producer Alan Ferguson.

Ferguson put a ring on it on June 23, making it the second engagement and possible marriage for Knowles, who was previously betrothed to Daniel Smith. The two ended their marriage in 2007 and have a nine-year-old son together, Julez.

Fortunately for Ferguson, Knowles says she dated all the undesirable guys a while back.

“Luckily, I dated all of the losers ages ago,” she said in an interview. “My love life has been stable for a while. It’s a f****ed up thing—without conflict it’s a lot harder to write interesting songs.”

Also luckily for Ferguson, Knowles is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Knowles was the pursuer in the relationship.

Watch the singer in action:

“Certainly, in the beginning I was the one who approached him so I have always sort of historically been one of those girls that goes after something that I’m into,” she said. “I’m not very old school and like, I’m gonna wait on you. Wait for you to approach me type of situation. I have a lot of guy-like quintessential relationship qualities that I have had to work on.”

Speaking of which, Knowles is also making headlines due to an apparent Facebook scam. A post that has gone viral states that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, and Solange found the tape that proves it. By clicking on the post, it says you will be able to watch the video for yourself. Of course, there is no tape and Facebookers are taken to a variety of sites that want you to share the post, and then take surveys.

Watch the video here:

Maybe one day we’ll find out for sure what caused Solange to open a can of whoop ass on Jay Z, but it doesn’t look like today is that day.

Image via Solange Knowles, Twitter

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