Sofia Vergara Would Rather Pack Her Face in Cement Than Age

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Sofia Vergara is in her 40s. Even at that age, she makes lots of younger women jealous, and turns men's heads wherever she goes.

But Vergara revealed recently that she has a fear about aging.

"I don't want to age," Vergara said in a recent interview. "If you said applying cement around my eyes would stop wrinkles, I would do it."

Vergara went on to share her beauty secrets with the magazine's readers, but she admits that there is really no replacement for just actually being young. Still, she also knows that there are advantages to getting older, like having more confidence.

"I'm not going to lie, I liked being in my 20s," she says. "Youth makes everyone look good. Your skin looks better, your hair looks better. But as you get older, you figure it out. You get more confident - and that's beautiful."

But having that confidence also comes from knowing that you have the right tools to stay looking the way you want to look, even as your age number clicks higher year after year.

"If it makes you happier and more confident, then why not? But I also think you have to do your research, so you know what to expect - that you'll look fresher but not necessarily younger," she revealed to InStyle magazine.

Vergara tries to take the whole thing in stride. She probably wouldn't actually do the whole cement thing. Then again, using basic minerals as foundation is the rage nowadays.

But Vergara thinks she has struck a balance between staying beautiful and aging gracefully and confidently.

"I don't want to age, but hey, what can you do? It's a natural process. I'm trying to do it gracefully,"

If she keeps that attitude, maybe she will avoid the Botox and scalpel approach that so many aging actresses seem to go for. So far, it looks liek she just doesn't need it.

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