Sofia Vergara Feels Like Drag Queen, Competes With Kim Kardashian for Better Butt

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Sofia Vergara is one sexy, talented, and very funny lady--but she's not completely sold on her popular look. Her perfect hair, makeup, voluptuous curves, and sexy styles make her feel like a drag queen. In addition to that, those curves have categorized her with another voluptuous celebrity--Kim Kardashian. And Sofia Vergara believes the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has cause to fret.

“I’m going up for sexiest ass against Kim Kardashian and she’s, like, 10 years younger than me. She should be upset she’s up against me. I think I beat her once or twice,” the Modern Family star, who is engaged to sexy Magic Mike XXL star Nick Loeb, said in a recent interview.

Kim Kardashian doesn't have the boisterous personality of Sofia Vergara, so even though she's younger, she would probably lose hands-down if the two were to truly compete for which lady has the better butt--or better overall curves. Even if Kim K. wasn't with child--Sofia Vergara would likely trump the reality show princess.


Think about that old cliche. Beauty isn't just skin deep. And Sofia Vergara's bubbly, loud, funny personality transfers to her physical beauty. She radiates happiness and joy. Kim Kardashian is far more reserved, and while that comes off as poised in some people, in Kim it translates as cold or untouchable.

Do you agree?

Then there are those butts. Have you ever stopped to compare the two? If not, flip through some celebrity magazines and take in the derrieres of two of the more famous voluptuous beauties in Hollywood. Who wears her butt like a plastic appendage and who wiggles and struts and looks perfectly normal with a curvy behind?

Whether she feels like a drag queen or not, Sofia Vergara looks perfectly comfortable in her entire self--the physical and the persona.

Do you think Sofia Vergara would win a 'better butt' bid if pegged against Kim Kardashian?

Which of these curvy ladies would you vote for?

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