Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb Call it Quits

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Sofia Vergara is back on the market.

Drooling, hyperventilating fans of the "Modern Family" actress should probably shower, shave, and invest in clothes that aren't covered in Doritos stains before pursuing a relationship, however. We wouldn't want you guys to embarrass yourselves or anything of that nature.

Vergara and beau Nick Loeb -- a businessman and former candidate for the Florida Senate -- have reportedly ended their two year relationship. The couple is rumored to have split over the weekend, which may explain why she attended the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City last night all by her lonesome. What a sad thought, right? Very sad, indeed.

"Sofia was confiding in friends at the ball that she and Nick have split. They have been fighting a lot recently and have been on the brink of splitting many times. It is not yet clear if they are over for good, but they are done as a couple for now," a source explained to The New York Post. It's also been rumored that the actress' sudden popularity, not to mention her universal sex appeal, caused some friction in couple's relationship.

People on Twitter are obviously excited about the news, though one can only speculate why. It's not like any of them have a chance with Vergara. I suppose we all need dreams.

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