Sofia Coppola Is In Talks To Direct A Live-Action Version Of "The Little Mermaid"


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While the story is not anything like any of her previous films, Sofia Coppola may be the director of The Little Mermaid. The Disney classic will be brought to the big screen, but who will direct the film is still up in the air.

She is in negotiations with Universal Pictures to possibly direct a live-action version of the classic animated film. Animated films from Disney have been given the live-action treatment before, such as multiple adaptations of Cinderella, and several others.

As some fans of the Disney film may already be aware, The Little Mermaid was a written story before it was turned into the animated film from 1989 that everyone has fallen in love with over the years.

The original story was written by Hans Christian Anderson in 1837, who has also written Disney's recent smash hit Frozen, and several others.

Before the idea of Sofia Coppola as a director of the film, Joe Wright had signed on for the project. While neither of them have worked with a kids film before, Wright has directed a handful of films, including popular book adaptations such as Atonement and Pride And Prejudice.

Wright is also currently working on a live-action origin story of Peter Pan, titled Pan, and perhaps one was keeping him busy enough. Live-action adaptations of carton classics could become the new thing to do, as there is a live-action version of The Jungle Book being made by Warner Bros. as well.

Prior to The Little Mermaid, Sofia Coppola has been one of the most highly-praised female directors, and has been nominated for several awards for her work. She has previously directed hit films such as The Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation, and most recently, The Bling Ring.

Unlike her previous films, The Little Mermaid would be kid-friendly, and appeal to a four quadrant audience. If everyone goes to see the upcoming adaptation that loves the original film, it's sure to be a success.

Sofia Coppola could be ready for another big film with The Little Mermaid, following The Bling Ring, which did not receive much attention. Caroline Thompson, who wrote Edward Scissorhands and The Corpse Bride, is currently rewriting the script.

Image via Wikimedia Commons