Social Media Interaction Tips from Dell?

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Interacting with social media can be something of a crapshoot, especially if you don't have good privacy settings, and/or, sense enough not to post everything you come across. To address this amazing lack of self awareness, there have been a number of tutorials, warnings, and infographics to help you navigate these sometimes choppy waters.

But having one more to remind you of these potential pitfalls is not a bad thing, even if does come from Dell in what looks like an attempt to capitalize on the growing popularity of these informative images. Keep in mind that there's nothing wrong with finding new ways to promote your brand, and if it comes in the form of a useful infographic, all the better. And that's just what Dell has done with their "Social Media Interaction Tips" infographic, which is based on the information found at the Dell Social Media Toolkit page:

Dell Social Media Interaction Infographic
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As indicated, the information Dell provides is a lot of common sense. In fact, this little chart would be a handy addition for any first-time computer buyer. It would also be handy for parents who are buying a computing device for their teenage son or daughter. Keeping youthful ignorance "safe" in the time of Facebook and Twitter is not as easy as it used to be.

At least with Dell's infographic, you can be better prepared.

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