Social MCs Show Off With Google Hangouts

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If you watch any amount of TV, especially the bigger-audience events like the Super Bowl, you have probably noticed an increase of commercials, courtesy of Google. There's the "Dear Sophie" offering that works as hard as it can in an effort to jerk tears from the viewer, and then there was the "It Gets Better" movement that championed gay people who have been bullied for their lifestyle. Both examples are ads and promotions for Google's Chrome browser.

Now, Google has turned their attention to commercials for their social media platform, Google+. WebProNews recently covered the commercial that showed up on Thanksgiving day, which shows how sharing on the web is just like real life (or something); and then there's the Google Circles Love Story commercial, which goes for the same heart-tugging approach.

"Google+ is the reason my girl love and I each other" or some such.

Now, thanks to a find from UltraLinx, we have another Google+ commercial, which shows the benefits of the Google Hangouts feature, especially when it's used by like-minded individuals, especially individuals that like to beatbox. Observe:

Granted, the commercial exists to promote the new Galaxy Nexus as much as it does Google Hangouts, but to show off the Nexus' capabilities, the capabilities of Google+ Hangouts are prominently featured. Obviously, the message here is, Google+ Hangouts works on mobile devices, especially those that run Android.

The question is, does watching people who share an interest in beatboxing sharing their talents across Google's technological breakthroughs inspire you to use either an Android phone or Google+, or are you firmly entrenched in the "Facebook for life" side of the fence?

Let us know what you think about the commercial and Google+.