Sochi Wolf Video Was a Jimmy Kimmel Hoax

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Another day, another well-orchestrated Jimmy Kimmel prank.

Yesterday, Team USA Olympic luger Kate Hansen posted this tweet:

Holy...shit. Right? We know that there have been a plethora of issues with the Sochi Olympics–one of them being stray dogs everywhere–but a wolf? In the dormitories?

As you would expect, the video quickly went viral and news outlets began to pick up on the story. When I say news outlets, I mean every single TV news station–probably in the whole country. It spread like wildfire across social media and blogs. It engendered countless "Wolf of Wall Street" jokes. Really, really, terrible "Wolf of Wall Street" jokes.

And it was a hoax.

Apparently, the whole thing was just Jimmy Kimmel and Kate Hansen Putin us on.

"US Olympic luger Kate Hansen tweeted a video that showed a wolf wandering the hallways of her dorm in Sochi. Within minutes almost every news and sports website ran a story on it. The thing is, it was all a prank we orchestrated with Kate as Jimmy's co-conspirator," says the Jimmy Kimmel Live team.

The full video reveals the whole story:

What does this teach us? Is this a moment to sit back and reflect?

Nah. Full speed ahead, internets. I've been fooled by plenty an internet hoax, but fortunately I can brag that this one tipped my bullshit-o-meter early and often. I'll be expecting my internet points in the mail any day now. This isn 't the first time something like this will happen and it's not the last. If a viral video seems too amazing to be true–well, it probably is–but just go with it. The worst that can happen is that you'll get to run a follow-up piece on the hoax–with back links.

You see? This is the kind of stuff you get into when you can't just have a beer.

Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube

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