Snow in Cairo: Yes, You Read That Right


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In wacky weather news, Cairo was slammed with a winter storm today, leaving over a foot of the white stuff all over the city.

Jerusalem also received the storm's wrath, as more than three feet of snow was dumped out on the city, trapping hundreds in their vehicles and leaving thousands without power.

Getting rain in these parts is rare – Cairo receives less than an inch each year – let alone snow. In fact, no one really knows just how long it has been since Cairo saw snow, as historical records are difficult to ascertain.

However, Jerusalem isn't as much of a stranger to winter weather; it receives snow of more than six inches about every five to seven years. At least every two to three years it sees some sort of snow.

Although some are enjoying the snow, it has also created hardships for many. The Israeli Defense Forces has been called into help, and the cold temperatures and harsh snow have made conditions even more unbearable for Syrian refugees who are living in Lebanon in makeshift tents and abandoned buildings.

The snow has shut down most of the airports in the area and was the cause of two major flights being diverted. Additionally, most of the towns in the storm's wake are immobilized.

Adding insult to injury, another major storm is set to strike, possibly pounding the area with even more snow Friday night into Saturday. The storm could be three times the size of what just passed through.

Folks flocked to Twitter to discuss the storm:

Image via Wikimedia Commons