Snoop Dogg Arrested for Marijuana Possession in Norway


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Arresting Snoop Dogg for possessing marijuana is akin to tossing the Hamburglar into the hoosegow for stealing hamburgers. Everyone and their glaucoma-stricken auntie knows that these guys are breaking the law, but that's what we love about them. However, Norway must have a thing against the rapper/actor's undying love of the toke, as they detained the D-O-Double G after entering the country with a fat sack and a large sum of money.

Since Norwegian law prevents authorities from readily handing out information about suspects to anyone who asks, the customs department refused to decline on the matter. However, an anonymous official told the Associated Press that Snoop "Calvin Broadus" Dogg was, in fact, carrying medicine bottles containing the illegal substance, as well as more cash than is allowed by law. As a direct result of these violations, the rapper was forced to pay a $8,600 fine.

Since Snoop cooperated with police in the matter and coughed up the money for the charges, the case is now considered closed.

Anyone that's aware of Snoop Dogg's music, lifestyle, and reputation aren't very surprised that the rapper got pinched for marijuana possession. Because the shock factor is pretty low for this story, a fair amount of sarcasm and snark has been spiraling through Twitter like so much exhaled pot smoke. Take a look at what people think about the guy's arrest below.