Snooki Posts Make-Up Free Photo, Asks Kelly Ripa About Crap

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Snooki fans who simply cannot get enough of the "Jersey Shore" star are having a banner week. Not only did Nicole Polizzi stop by "Live! With Kelly" to discuss pregnancy-related bowel movements, she also tweeted an image that featured her without a ton of makeup smeared across her face. If you're obsessed with all things Snooki, then chances are you're on the verge having your mind completely blown. I suppose there's no shame in that, but don't quote me.

Let's start off with the pooping: Snooki recently stopped by the aforementioned morning talk show featuring the always-bubbly Kelly Ripa, who wasted no time in calling Polizzi out for lying to her about being pregnant. Whoops! Nicole admitted that she was a pretty good liar, claiming that she didn't want to reveal any details about her condition to the public until she was at least three months pregnant. I suppose she has her reasons.

However, in order to turn the attention away from all of those televised falsehoods, Snooki decided to drop a bombshell question on poor Ripa, so to speak. "Did you poop?" she asked in regards to the childbirth.

Kelly, who didn't miss a beat, replied, "No. I have never pooped ever."

A television classic in the making.

Anyway, in a recent tweet to her legion of followers, Polizzi issued a photograph of herself without make-up, which makes me wonder why she bothers covering herself up in the first place. Honestly, Nicole looks so much better without the war paint, as evidenced by the photo positioned at the top of the screen. If Snooki really wants to shock audiences, she'll do the rest of her stint on her latest television show sans make-up. I think she'll be pleasantly surprised by the positive response she'll receive as a result.

If you're still hung up on Snooki asking Kelly Ripa about poop, then check out the video embedded below. It's an amusing clip, for sure, especially for fans of scatological conversations.

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