Snooki: Baby Meatball Is Healthy And Doing Well

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Snooki Polizzi, one of the stars of the now-infamous MTV show "Jersey Shore", had her baby boy early on Sunday morning and tweeted about him soon after.

Snooki, who is affectionately referred to as a "little meatball" by her fellow castmates, is already posting about a lack of sleep on Twitter but says it's worth it. She's also happy to be able to eat certain foods again that made her sick while she was pregnant.

Many people familiar with the show have wondered aloud (and on various social media sites) what sort of mother Snooki would be; for those of us who know her as the tiny, drunken, public-dancing, silly little overly tanned meatball she's portrayed as on the show, it's a relief to see she's taking motherhood seriously and enjoying the new role.

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