Sneaky Best Buy Employee Updates Man's Facebook Status


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I don't put anything past people nowadays. Leaving your phone, laptop, or tablet unattended for any length of time is sure-fire recipe for all sorts of embarrassing and humiliating situations. So the next time you decide to have someone, even a seemingly innocent employee at a reputable national chain, have a look at your faulty mobile device, you might want to make sure that all of your personal information has been removed from the gadget beforehand.

Otherwise, you might end up like Rich Dewberry.

After experiencing some problems with his cell phone, Dewberry took the device to a local Best Buy in hopes that someone there could correct the issue. Unfortunately, the phone was beyond repair, though the company was more than happy to provide their customer with a new one. Sadly, Dewberry didn't wipe his personal information from his previous phone, allowing someone at the store to access his Facebook account. Since people will always be people, an employee thought it would be funny to post something hilarious on the guy's wall.

The post in question: "I am gay. Im coming out." This two line comment was enough to send Rich Dewberry's world spiraling out of control. Friends and family alike began flooding his phone with calls, wondering if the declaration was, in fact, true.

"I feel I've been humiliated, you know? I mean, my reputation has been tarnished," the disgruntled and red-faced Best Buy customer told ABC7 News Denver.

Dewberry would also like everyone to know that he's not gay.

Although Best Buy wouldn't officially comment on the situation, they assured Dewberry that the culprit had, in fact, been fired from his position with the company. They also went on to say that all of their employees are required to sign a Code of Ethics contract regarding the handling of customers' personal information.

Let Dewberry's experience be an important lesson: If you don't want people to have access to your private accounts, make sure everything has been properly secured and/or erased BEFORE taking your device in to be serviced. Otherwise, you may have a lot of explaining to do.

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