Snapple Founder Dies; Leonard Marsh Was 80


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Leonard Mars, a co-founder of beverage company Snapple, has died at the age of 80.

According to a New York Times obituary, Marsh died on Tuesday, March 21 at his home in Long Island, New York. The cause of his death has not been released.

Marsh grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and began his career selling chicken eggs. Marsh founded the Unadulterated Food Products company in 1972 with his brother-in-law and a friend. According to the Times, the company sold fruit juice to health food stores. Marsh and his colleagues operated the business as a part-time venture while also holding down jobs as window-washers. The company changed its name to Snapple in 1980 and introduced its famous line of bottled iced tea in 1987.

In 1994, Snapple was bought by the Quaker Oats Company. Marsh stayed with Snapple as an executive vice president. Snapple is now owned by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, based in Plano, Texas.