Snapchat's New Update Could Help You Save Data

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Snapchat has been known to gobble up data now and then – especially since the introduction its discovery feature earlier this year.

But a new update could help with that.

The company has added a new feature to the app called 'Travel Mode'. When enabled, Travel Mode disables auto-loading of content when you're using cellular data. When you have Travel Mode on, you have to tap to load your snaps.

So, you're trading the convenience of quick, auto-loaded snaps for the piece of mind that you're not blowing past your data allowance.

The update for iOS and Android also allows users to stick emoji all over the place. People are already having fun with this, as you can see:

Finally, as The Verge noticed, users can now export their custom Snapcodes as video files.

But for Snapchat users, Travel Mode is the big ticket update here. For heavy users, it could be a lifesaver.

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