SMW12: Live Video Feed Lineup From Conference

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The Social Media Week conference is happening in 12 cities around the world this week. We discussed the conference in general here earlier. And you can sneak a peek at the lineup for the week here.

There is a wealth of material coming as video via Livestream. The Social Media Week channel at Livestream allows you to look at the videos planned for all their locations so you can watch live. Most cities have a general feed. New York's feed is broken down into further subcategories:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Art and Culture
  • Business and Innovation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Social and Environmental Change
  • Some of the material planned for Livestreaming at the New York events this week include:

  • "Social Data As a Crystal Ball"
  • "Need a Job? Use Social Media"
  • "Digital Voyeurism: How Sharing Real Homes in Real Time Is Changing the Way We Decorate"
  • "The New Ghostwriter"
  • "Global Brand Management: Best Practices In a Social World"
  • "Women, Money and Social Power: What Made the Komen Debacle a Win For
  • "Covering the 2012 Election Socially"
  • "How and Why We Share: Seven Deadly Sind of Social Media"
  • "Investigative Journalism With Social Media: How It's Being Done"
  • "Social Media for Social Good"
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