Smartphones Will Soon Be Equipped With Their Own "Kinect"

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You may not who PrimeSense is, but you definitely know the company's products. The Israel-based company produces the sensors used in Microsoft's Kinect full-body motion controller. Now the company is working to bring that same technology to smartphones.

PrimeSense recently announced that its motion sensing technology for mobile phones has shrunk enough to be able to fit comfortably into mobile devices. The hardware is called Capri 1.25, and features a number of enhancements over the past versions of the technology.

Capri 1.25 is 3D sensing technology at its heart, and as such, will be judged by its ability to scan the environment around it. The latest hardware has the following features:

  • Field of View 57.5×45
  • Range 0.8m-3.5m
  • VGA depth map (640×480)
  • USB2.0 powered
  • Standard off the shelf components
  • OpenNI compliant
  • All of the above technical information may not mean much to you, so here's a video that shows what PrimeSense's technology may be capable of in the near future:

    Will the Capri 1.25 be able to do all that right now? Of course not, but PrimeSense obviously thinks that 3D motion tracking is the future. They think it will be in everything from smartphones to store displays.

    Speaking of smartphones, we may start seeing the technology appearing in mobile devices later this year. PrimeSense says the chipset will be available in mid to late 2013 for those who able to buy 100,000 chipsets annually.

    [h/t: Fast Company Design]

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