Smartphones Are The New Window Shopping


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One interesting finding from Google's research on the habits of smartphone users is how often consumers are using their devices for product research and service/merchandise purchases. Almost 90% of American smartphone users have taken action after viewing promotional content on their devices.

More than one-third of American users have actually used their phones to make purchases. About the same percentage report that the information supplied by their smartphones has influenced their decision to buy or not buy products/services.

Also interesting to note, 66% of American smartphone users report that physical shops/businesses, television, magazines, and/or posters have spurred-on subsequent mobile device searches. 95% of American users say they frequently use search engines on their phones.

The following charts supplied by Google+Mobile+Ads+Blog%29&utm_content=Google+Reader">Google reveal consumer smartphone habits in six countries-USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Japan- and come from the new “Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users” research they conducted in January 2012 with Ipsos.

Take a look at the behaviors broken down by country: