Small CA Town Has Some Of The Fastest Internet In The U.S.

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Sebastapol is a small Sonoma County town located just 52 miles north of San Francisco. Before now it was known as the home of O'Reilly Media, and the town that the band Primus is from. Now it has a much higher distinction of having one of the fastest internet connections in all of America! For the small amount of $69.95 month, you can get an internet connection from for the same price that most people pay for 50 Mbps. For that price, also throws in 2 phone lines with unlimited long-distance calling. Its 100 Mbps service only costs its customers $39.95. For now the service is just for the Sebastopol area, but later this year they will be running fiber to the Sunset District in San Francisco.

Other cities in America have internet speeds that are at 1 Gbps such as Chattanooga Tennessee, but they charge up to $350 for it. So as you can see, for the price, nothing in the United States comes close to this. Youtube video loads in the blink of an eye, and it is so fast that most internet speed testing sites cannot give a correct reading. The only thing that will slow your download speed is how fast the site you are trying to download from runs. Other than that, the sky is the limit! is a telecommunications company and internet service provider based in Santa Rosa, California. They began as an effort to bring network connectivity and Internet access to staff and students at the campus of Santa Rosa Junior College. In 1994, began formal Internet operations by way of a partnership between Dane Jasper and Scott Doty.

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