Small Businesses Using Facebook Ads For The Win


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Just in time for a new wave of companies to embrace Facebook's open graph apps does a new study show that, beyond the Nikes and Foursquares of the world, small businesses are enjoying the efficacy of Facebook ads. A survey conducted by Payvment, the self-described "#1 social commerce platform on Facebook," found that upwards of 40% say they use Facebook as their sole sales channel, more than traditional avenues of e-commerce like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Explaining the survey, Payvment founder and CEO Christian Taylor said, "“While a handful of large retailers have put their F-commerce efforts on hold, there are hundreds of thousands of small businesses who are successfully selling products on Facebook."

While most small businesses enjoyed success from advertising on Facebook, All Facebook highlights the most cited reasons why some businesses wouldn't advertise on the site again. 68% of respondents said they weren't successful in acquiring likes or customers while 65% said the ads were too expensive. 25% simply said they didn't understand how to use the platform.

More of the study's findings have been summarized in the inforgraphic that Payvment put together. If you're a small business owner, would you say that your experience is generally reflected in these findings? If not, what's differed in your experience with marketing your business through Facebook? Feel free to start or add to a discussion below in the comment.