Slack GPT Brings Generative AI to Slack

Slack is getting in on the AI bandwagon, introducing Slack GPT "to help you work smarter, learn faster, and communicate better."...
Slack GPT Brings Generative AI to Slack
Written by Staff
  • Slack is getting in on the AI bandwagon, introducing Slack GPT “to help you work smarter, learn faster, and communicate better.”

    Slack is one of the leading communication platforms and is leveraging AI to help users streamline their productivity and communication. The company’s research shows a tremendous opportunity to help companies use AI effectively:

    While people who use AI are 90% more likely to report higher levels of productivity, only 27% of companies are currently using AI tools, according to our latest State of Work research.

    Slack is integrating generative AI in a way that plays to its strengths. AI models have shown themselves quite adept at summarizing information and helping users communicate better.

    “Generative AI has enormous potential to redefine how work is done,” said Lidiane Jones. “The real power of Slack GPT is it enables AI to act on valuable data from a company’s most trusted resource: its own internal knowledge.”

    Interestingly, Slack is not locking customers into a single AI model. Instead, customers can choose whether to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Anthropic’s Claude, or another model. Slack’s developer platform will enable developers to integrate a range of additional options, including their own custom AI model.

    AI integration will also help customers gain better customer insights:

    While Slack is where you find knowledge from your organization, Salesforce is where you gain a deeper understanding of your customer across various touchpoints—sales opportunities, service tickets, marketing campaigns, and more. Our vision is to surface AI-powered insights grounded in trusted Customer 360 data, right where you’re already working with your team.

    For example, say you’re a customer service agent who needs help resolving a case. Today you can use the Service Cloud app to start a case swarm, bringing together the right experts in a dedicated Slack channel to find a resolution. In the future, imagine if Einstein GPT could auto-generate case summaries using relevant data from Service Cloud and your Slack channel. Now case summaries could not only capture data from service tickets, but knowledge from the team who resolved the case too.

    Those interested in Slack GPT can read more here.

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