Skyrim IRL: You'd Still Put A Bucket On That Shopkeeper's Head

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Are you getting tired of the "Skyrim in real life" adaptations? No? Well, in that case, proceed.

I'll admit, it's not an original idea. So many people became so embroiled in the fictional world of Skyrim, that it's only logical that people would start to imagine how Skyrim's little quirks would play out in real life. We've seen the world of Skyrim ported to a modern day convenient store, a lesson on how all of your item hoarding would be pretty bad in reality, and many more attempts to bring fantasy to the real world.

Althought the Skyrim IRL concept is ubiquitous, quality production values and actual comedic value isn't. That's why Skyrim: The Real Dragonborn is worth your time.

Courtesy YouTube user rizenvisual, check out the awesome video full of Skyrim inside jokes below:

Recent Skyrim updates have brought Kinect support to the game, so you can FUS RO DAH to your heart's content - and it will actually do something. Also, the 1.6 update recently brought mounted combat to Skyrim, which includes both melee and ranged combat.

Oh, and there's also that little thing known as Dawnguard, which is now available to download on your Xbox 360.

Let's just hope that Dawnguard provides enough new quirks to fuel a whole new round of Skyrim-based YouTube viral hits.

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