Skype Welcomes You Back To Humanity

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Texting people is easy, isn't it? It has changed the way we communicate with each other by replacing phone calls with short sentences via text. Skype once changed the way we communicated as well by allowing us to talk to others over the internet. The company thinks it's about time we went back to talking instead of just texting.

Skype started a new ad campaign called, "It's time to Skype" last week that saw signs being put all over London, England. One of the signs says, "When did it become okay to text Mum Happy Birthday?" If you can't tell, the company thinks that texting people just doesn't do it. The company thinks that face-to-face communication has been lost in our digital age and needs to be brought back.

Skype Welcomes You Back To Humanity

The ad blitz in London was just the beginning though. Skype is now starting up a large digital media push that focuses on the features it brings to the table. They have also created three video ads that challenge us to embrace our humanity. Technology has apparently made us forget our humanity and only through the power of Skype can we regain our most valuable and personal asset.

Check out the three ads to see a common theme - to talk like a human is to use Skype. It's an interesting ad campaign and one that does connect on a personal level. I'm just having a hard time seeing how Skype is similar to passing notes in class,

or reading a book together in a tree house,

or talking to friends with tins cans tied to a string.

They also have created a new Web site that makes you feel worse about your texting or Reddit habits. The sites's splash screen says, "Welcome back to humanity." It's like we're all wandering the desolate wasteland of the Internet and only Skype has the water of life to make us human again.

While Skype may view the advent of texting and instant linkage through social media as a threat to its market share in communication, it may have a bigger threat on the horizon. If Google and Mozilla can work out this WebRTC thing, Skype may just become obsolete. Of course, Microsoft isn't going to let that happen as it's working on a WebRTC version of Skype as well. But will WebRTC, even if Skype is along for the ride, kill off the traditional Skype software? I think it's too early to tell, but this new ad campaign definitely reeks of a Skype that's trying to stay relevant in a world that prefers instant communication over the software-powere communication provided by Skype.

Do you like the new Skype campaign? Is it a bit too much to say, "Welcome back to humanity?" Let us know in the comments.

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